Products(Machinery parts)


The units used by the critical component parts that are mainly utilizing the following products categories.

  • ・Ball Screw
  • ・Ball Bearing
  • ・Powered Sintered Metal Parts
  • ・Linear Guide
  • ・Slip Clutches(Torque limiters)
  • ・Polyurethane rubber rollers
  • ・Turning parts, Plastic injected parts, Sheet metal parts, MIM parts
  • ・One way Clutch
  • ・Die-casting
  • ・Fan-motor
  • ・Geared motor
  • ・Heater
  • ・Assembly items

Main Industry

  • ・ATM, Bank machine
  • ・OA equipment
  • ・Medical equipment
  • ・Communication equipment
  • ・LDC, Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • Motors(Geared Motor)

    Motors(Geared Motor)

    DC Motor Micro DC motor, Micro DC geared motor, Brushless motor, Stepping ...

  • Ball Screw, Lead Screw

    Ball Screw, Lead Screw

    Since its founding in 1984, we have accumulated a technology of ultra-preci...



    We have a line-up of AC fan, DC fan, and blower fan. They correspond to th...

  • Electric Heaters

    Electric Heaters

    We strive to develop the industry of OA equipment and medical equipment to ...

  • Precision Sheet Metal

    Precision Sheet Metal

    Materials Iron, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Titanium, etc… ...

  • Precise Metal Parts

    Precise Metal Parts

    Precise Metal Parts Set Collars, Couplig, Gear, Scwer etc. Materials Ir...

  • Injection Mold Parts

    Injection Mold Parts

    Injection Mold Parts Industory Medical equipment, ATM unit, Motion Contro...

  • Powdered Sintered Metal Parts

    Powdered Sintered Metal Parts

    We are experienced for Powdered Sintered Metal Parts. This made us linked ...

  • Ball Bearing

    Ball Bearing

    Japanese brand we provide is “Koyo”. Koyo is one of the major Ball bearing...